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The mining industry is largely unpredictable but equally lucrative. However, low-tier miners and small-scale mining companies struggle to secure funding.

The mining industry is largely unpredictable but equally lucrative. However, low-tier miners and small-scale mining companies struggle to secure funding. Considering how expensive mining ventures are, if you cannot secure funding when you need to there may be no future.
For this reason, there are lots of new and emerging alternative funding for low-tier and small-scale mining companies. Due to the weak confidence in the small mining companies, they have resulted to production-based financing as the best way forward.

What is Production-based financing?

Production-based Financing happens when mining companies receive cash in exchange for the rights to the products they mine. This is more apparent with strategic metals such as Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, and Zinc. Truthfully, production-based financiers are a welcome relief. However, the contracts aregetting increasingly complex. For this reason, every mining company considering entering into such a deal needs sound financial advice so they can go into it with eyes wide open.

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Mining Services?

Hyaat Capital is an excellent choice if you are looking to gain expert guidelines on how to ensure your Production-based financing dealworks for you and this is why.
1. Hyaat Capital is impartial. It is not vested either way which means they will help you to understand and negotiate the best contract for your funding.
2. Thanks to a team of knowledgeable experts, Hyaat Capital is no stranger to such production-based financing deals. Consequently, they will adequately counsel you about all the pros and cons of getting into such a deal.
3. It is obviously difficult to find the right kind of investor especially for niche businesses such as mining. But, with an industry leader on your side, Hyaat Capital’s extensive portfolio of high-quality financiers will be a huge advantage in finding the ideal financier and fast.
If you were wondering about how to acquire funding for your mining venture, well, now you know. Give us a call today.

What business owners say about Our Services.....

Very happy with the team and first service helped me secure funding and save on interest rates, very happy would highly recommend thanks again
Hyaat Capital has been BRILLIANT in assisting us with project top up fund sourcing, and other shorter term requirements. We deal with one of the big 4 banks, but going to them for short term project funding and the mountain of paperwork that this brings is painful to say the least! Try Hyaat Capital.
I have been dealing with Hyaat Capital now for about 16 months and I have found them to be extremely professional in everything they do. Their response time to Queries and or questions is the best in the industry.

The Hyaat Capital Advantage

Customized Services

Every client is unique and deserves customized services and solutions.we bring along a combination of thorough analysis and distinguished expertise. We believe that every company has its unique nature, operations, and culture and it is these features that shape and tailor our services, approaches, and solutions to fit the client’s situation and leverage on its strengths to turn it into a top player in its field.

Thorough Analysis & Distinguished Expertise

The careful assessment of our clients’ capabilities,competencies, weaknesses, and needs and the deep analysis of every aspect of internal and external variants allow us to bring to the reach of their hands the most optimal solutions. The expertise of our advisors spans a wide array of financial, governance, and strategic know how and extends to technical industry expertise.

Dedicated Partnership &Implementation Support

Hyaat is Partner to every client, a partnership that follows through to implementation of solutions and beyond. As partner to its clients, Hyaat supports every step of the informed decision making and value creation processes to reach tangible achievements. Our commitment does not end at the delivery of solutions; it extends to walking our client through the implementation process and ensuring the attainment of milestones.

Company Embraced Solutions

At Hyaat; we believe that the cornerstone for success is for ur clients to feel ownership of and embrace the solutions we deliver. In delivering the services, our advisors spend ample time discussing with companies’ executives their views, explaining their perspectives, and customizing the solutions to fit the company’s dynamics and culture; fall in line with its strategic direction; and achieve forward looking objectives.

Transfer of Knowledge

At Hyaat, we make sure our knowledge and experiences are transmitted to our client. While delivering our services, we make sure to transmit the skills and knowledge of our professionals to our client’s officers and to build their competencies throughout the process.


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