Our goal is to make it easier for business owners to access the finance they need to operate and grow: to solve the complex problems that arise along the way, talk to us for a powerful financial solution.

FinTech is a portmanteau referring to the evolving intersection of Finance and Technology.

Particularly in Kenya, fintech companies are the leading creditors to low-income citizens. Now, fintech companies reach more Kenyans than traditional banking institutions. Obviously, the majority of fintech companies do not have enough liquidity to lend as much as they do. They require funding. At the same time, traditional lending institutions will not lend to such companies because of the nature of their business (giving unsecured loans). So, if a fintech company requires funding, it is more likely to get it from unconventional financing companies than the typical ones. 

Media financing entails acquiring funds to produce any sort of media product be it a commercial movie or a documentary. Like fintech companies, media companies and especially small independent ones have a difficult time securing funding due to the unpredictable nature of media earnings.

The only sure way for fintech and media companies to get funding is to look into non-traditional lenders

How does Hyaat Capital help you to get FinTech and Media funding?​

1) Hyaat Capital boasts an extensive portfolio of banks, financial institutions, investors and individuals willing to invest in any venture that is in their best interest. For this reason, whatever your financial needs, it is likely that Hyaat Capital can find an ideal financier for your company.
2) The moment you employ the services of Hyaat Capital, you become an esteemed customer. Hyaat Capital’s team of experts will work tirelessly to find the best financial solution to your problem while being careful to keeping your interests at the forefront.
3) Hyaat capital is “neutral” in our approach in arranging financing. We do not provide any direct financing, which means your interests are also our interests. This is important in ensuring the deals that we negotiate favour you and will work for the betterment of your business.
4) Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support
Fintech and media companies do not have to suffer any more for lack of funding. Contact us today and we’ll find a solution that works for your business.

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We are an experienced finance facilitation company. We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions. We add value to your services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions.


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