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Manufacturing is a capital intensive engagement. From acquiring the machines to setting up and integrating everything into a flawless production line is sure to run into millions.

Honestly, it is near impossible to set up an entire production line without financing from a third party. Even if you had the money to buy and set up, you would be left without much in the way of cash flow which is definitely poor planning. Worse still, nothing can run or even start until you have set up everything. So, what to do? For one, you need a sound financial advisor, Hyaat Capital to walk you through the options at your disposal. There are several ways to solve this issue.

Which options do you have?​

Well, there are several options to consider and they include:

1) Leasing

Leasing is a great way to avoid capital spending altogether. If you acquire the machinery from the financing institution on a lease, it means you will have the equipment at a recurring fixed monthly rate and you avoid the risk of ever owning obsolete machinery. Hyaat Capital can efficiently advise you if this is the best option for your kind of business.

2) Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase refers to a situation where you pay for your machinery in instalments whilst using them. The moment you make the initial payment, you are allowed to take the machine with you and start production. You can schedule your payments to fall on periods when you have sufficient cash flow. Also, when your business picks up, you can decide to offset the entire amount by making a balloon payment.

3) Refinance

In case you have trouble paying the monthly rates, you can renegotiate new terms. This can only happen if you find a financial institution willing to pay the outstanding debt and renegotiate smaller payments spread over a longer period. This may be the best option if you do not have stable cash flow and if your monthly repayment rates are too high to be sustainable.

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Manufacturing Services?​

From the options we have laid out, it is obvious that you need financial advice before committing to any long-term financial obligations. Hyaat Capital will ensure whichever the option you choose; you have adequate information and that you are making the best possible decision for your business.

More specifically, when you need to refinance, Hyaat Capital will provide you with the best financiers and renegotiate terms that are comfortable and workable for you. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let’s see how we can help.

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