Our goal is to make it easier for business owners to access the finance they need to operate and grow: to solve the complex problems that arise along the way, talk to us for a powerful financial solution.

As a service sector business, your customer's satisfaction is your number one priority. Customer satisfaction is no easy feat especially when you are strapped for cash.

Sadly, the conventional financial institutions, banks, and so on are not exactly enthusiastic to grant loans to the service sector companies. So, what happens when you need to expand to a new space, buy new equipment, upgrade you marketing collateral or carry out any budget-heavy undertaking to improve your business? You need money, but how? Hyaat Capital should be on the top of your list of financing solutions. We at Hyaat Capital can help you secure funding for your service sector company.

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Service Sector Company?​

Hyaat Capital bridges the gap between service sector companies and financiers. But this alone is not enough reason to choose us. Here is why we are the best choice.
1. Hyaat Capital is all about financial solutions. For this reason, any type of funding for any type of business is within our portfolio. Even though it may be difficult to obtain funding from normal financial bodies, Hyaat will work closely with you to create compelling business proposals and avail an extensive list of high-quality financiers to complete the deal.
2. Left alone, the normal financial institutions may agree to front you the money but under strenuous conditions. Hyaat Capital negotiates and renegotiates your terms to ensure financial institutions do not take advantage of you, so that you go into any and every contract with your eyes wide open.
3. Hyaat Capital will be by your side during the deal and remain fully committed to ensuring that you end up with the best terms possible

4. Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support

Securing funding for your service sector company has never been easier. Talk to us today and we’ll see the best way forward.

Talk to Hyaat Capital Partners Ltd – the business finance facilitation experts

We are an experienced finance facilitation company. We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions. We add value to your services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions.


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