Are you looking for a machine lease or a lease contract company for your next machinery purchase or just want to know how equipment leasing works? Are you wondering if you should go for leasing or financing your equipment? Talk to Hyaat Capital today.

Lease finance for Equipment and Machinery can be a challenging arrangement. You need an expert to illuminate the most important aspects of such a contract and ensure your interests are served.

Lease Finance refers to a situation where the owner of an asset (Lesser) permits another person (Lessee) to economically use the asset over an agreed period for an agreed payment. This is a form of lease rent and the most important way to acquire long-term financing. The ownership of the asset remains with the Lesser which means as soon as one Lessee is done using the asset, the Lesser can find another Lessee to rent the asset to. The process of choosing who to get into a Lease finance contract with should be meticulously done. Unfortunately, this process is also time consuming and inadvertently time-wasting for you especially if you are shooting in the dark. You need an expert to illuminate the most important aspects of such a contract and ensure your interests are served.

Does Hyaat Capital offer Lease Finance for Equipment and Machinery?

Yes. We offer structured leasing programs based principally on two strategies.

1. Ijara Leasing Strategy

Ijara Leasing Strategy refers to a process that is geared towards providing investors with reliable and attractive monthly returns from selective leasing transactions. We, as Hyaat Capital, research and vet high credit quality large and mid-sized companies. This is the list of high-quality Lessees we will present to you.

2. Structured Leasing Strategy

Under Structured Leasing Strategy, we provide investors with attractive and reliable returns by investing in equipment leasing transactions primarily with Kenya growth companies. Our strategy seeks to enhance Lessee credit through structured transactions that may include attributes such as advance rentals, third party guarantees, manufacturer support, and other credit enhancements. We also pay attention to equipment with predictable residual values and other commendable remarketing factors. Both of our leasing strategies seek to award investors with attractive annual yields payable on monthly or yearly basis.

Why you should Lease

  • Protects the Lessee’s capital considering it allows up to 90% financing.
  • The Lessee can access the equipment upon payment of the first installment.
  • Leasing is a form of Off-Balance-Sheet Financing which means the lease finance will never appear in the Lessee’ Balance Sheet as a liability since it is actually debt financing.
  • Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support.

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