As we accompany SMEs and big companies through their journey to scale and start up their businesses – debt financing is a tool a lot of our clients have to use. We have the right tools and connections for your debt financing needs.

Funding further growth is a challenge for any established business.

Debt Financing happens when a company sells fixed income products to raise capital. These fixed income products are also referred to as debt instruments. Fixed income products include bonds, bills or notes. Debt Financing is a way to raise working capital for the business, just like Equity Financing. However, unlike Equity Financing, Debt Financing creates a debt – also called Principal – that you will have to pay back. Everyone who buys the debt instruments becomes an investor and is entitled to a repayment at a set time when the company promised to repay.

Does Hyaat Capital offer Debt Financing Consulting?

Yes.We offer Debt Financing Consulting for funded and non-funded facilities with emphasis on Working Capital Facilities, Trade Finance Facilities; Letter of Credits – LCs, (by banks), Trade Credit Guarantees by Insurance Companies, Financial Guarantees by Insurance/Reinsurance Companies, and Project Finance.

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Debt Financing Consulting?

Why should you trust us to do your Debt Financing Consultation? Here is why:
1. Hyaat Capital is a company independent of the financial institutions we use to facilitate your funding. For this reason, we have only one interest, and that is to provide you with the best solution to your problem. Hyaat Capital negotiates the most beneficial financial proposals for your business fronting your interests and ensuring the agreements serve your best interests.
2. We understand finance and the need to find the right financing criteria. The process of finding the right investors or even the right way to go about a period of waning cash fluidity is both challenging and time consuming. Finance and exceptional financial solutions are at the core of our business. We have the right connections and the right expertise to provide you with the best advise and solutions to the financial issues you may be facing.
3. We do not provide any direct financing. However, we have a portfolio of traditional banking institutions, financial institutions, Islamic banks, individuals, and financial companies with interests in different types of financial investments. We will match you to the ideal solution to ensure you get the most out of your venture.
4. Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support.
Now that you know what to expect, try our Debt Financing Consulting services today. It will be the best decision.

Talk to Hyaat Capital Partners Ltd – the business finance facilitation experts

We are an experienced finance facilitation company. We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions. We add value to your services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions.


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