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Exporters and Importers financing is complex

Exporters and Importers financing is much more than simply funding an importer to bring products into a different country from a different country. This is the main reason why exporters and importers prefer alternative financial institutions and financiers because they want a comprehensive package rather than just funds. The right Exporters and Importers funding acts as a guarantee to both parties and makes the transaction as transparent as possible. Who doesn’t like peace of mind and transparency? If you are looking for a good alternative financier and a comprehensive package, then you should try us.

Basic Needs of Import/Export Financing​

This type of financing faces three basic issues.

  • Risk of non-completion: This is the stalemate where the seller does not want to give up his goods without payment or at least confirmation of payment. At the same time, the importer does not want to release a payment without possession of the goods.
  • Difficult to get sufficient information on both the importer and the exporter
  • Dealing with different customs
  • Communication is more difficult (different time zones and different languages)

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Exporters and Importers Funding?​

1. Hyaat Capital’s main business is finance. For this reason, Hyaat’s expert staff is well-versed on how to deal with just about any financial situation even those that seem challenging. With adequate diligence and research, we can solve any financial issues you may have.
2. Hyaat Capital works for you and your interests. The fact is, Hyaat Capital has no interest in the deal, so all there is to do is acquiring the best deal for their client, that’s you.
3. Hyaat Capital will avail the perfect financier to ensure you get the funds you need as well as the conditions that are favourable to your business. Hyaat will never let you operate in ignorance or assumptions. We ensure you are well informed about what to expect so that you walk into the deal with your eyes wide open.
4. Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support
And that is how to secure funding for your exports/imports venture. Don’t wait anymore, visit us today.

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