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Insurance guarantees are essentially insurance policies that guarantee that a particular debt issue will be paid if the debt issuer experiences financial difficulties.

If you are a trading company, chances are at one time or the other you have been short of cash because either the customers didn’t pay on time or you were caught in a gap between paying suppliers and getting paid by your customers. These gaps can be catastrophic. At every given time, you must have cash flow in your business. Now, this is not a problem that you can just rush and get a loan at a financial institution, you need to be careful so you don’t slot yourself into a recurring debt that you cannot seem to get out of.

What are Insurance Guarantees, Trade Credit and Financial Guarantees?

In a word, all these are financial packages geared towards ensuring that you always have cash flow and that you do not fall into uncertain times because of unforeseen circumstances. Insurance Guarantee is insurance that covers you from insolvency, default, interest rate changes and so on. Financial Guarantees are policies that provide investors with a guarantee that a particular debt will be paid. Trade Credit is the amount fronted to a business to help in fulfilling an order or otherwise ensure smooth running of the business in the event that they are low on cash flow.

Why you need Hyaat Capital for your Insurance Guarantees, Trade Credit, and Financial Guarantee services?

Obviously, these are not your typical financial needs. Therefore, you need an institution that offers more than the normal cookie-cutter mould type of financing. Hyaat Capital is the best for this type of financing because.
1. After years of experience handling different financial needs, Hyaat Capital is best suited to find you the perfect financier to fit your specific needs. Hyaat Capital works closely with all types of financial institutions, individuals, investors, and banks, making it easier to find the best financial help for you
2. Hyaat Capital is the only financial facilitation company that will be serving your interest above their own. Putting the customers’ needs first is at the core of our business. For this reason, it is not about the bottom line for us, it is about working towards a lasting, mutually beneficial arrangement for your business.

3. Dedicated Partnership & Implementation Support.

If you are in need of any of the above-mentioned financing services, talk to us today. We’ll have a solution waiting.

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